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Tea has been used for centuries to aid in all sorts of mindful needs such as boosting energy or sleep and relieving stress!

Black tea , sometimes referred to as red tea, is a fully-oxidized  leaf that produces a strong, full-bodied flavor. This robust and earthy type of tea is strong enough to stand up to milk and spices, hence why it is used in breakfast teas and Chais.

One of the most popular global teas, green tea is unoxidized, and has less caffeine than black tea. These tea leaves are typically pan fried or steamed to achieve a brighter green shade. Varieties of green teas, such as Matcha, give a vegetal, earthy and bright flavor profile. 

White tea is the least processed of all tea varieties. The leaves are simply left to wither and dry on their own, giving a very delicate and naturally sweet flavor. White tea has very little caffeine, and typically produces subtle aromatics, taste and color. 

Rooibos Tea, or African Red tea, is an herbal tea from South Africa, that is ground and bruised before they are fermented and dried. You can expect a sweet, smooth, and earth flavor in many varieties of Rooibos Teas. 

Unlike other tea varieties, herbal tea does not come from tea leaves, but rather made from dried herbs, fruits, and flowers. These caffeine free teas, come in a wide range of delicate flavors and are ideal for customers with dietary restrictions. Popular varieties of herbal tea include hibiscus, chamomile, and peppermint. 

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